Dancing in the desert – the power of silence

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Why did I go to the desert? To meditate and to learn how I can conquer my mind. One of the tools to influence our mind is silence. What can pure silence bring us? Silence can be our teacher. It reminded me to dance, to experience joy and to feel connected.

I’m back for more than a week and I can still tune in with the pure silence I experienced in the beautiful desert in Israel. While walking around by myself in one of the breaks I suddenly stood still. Impressed by the view, the energy of the desert and … the silence. No noise. Nothing. No external noise and all at once also no “internal” noise. For a moment there were no thoughts, no doubts, no plans, nothing. I had to smile and spontaneously started to move, to dance. I felt intense joy: true happiness from within. For a moment I could feel the true connection.  

Connection with what? With myself, with nature, with the universe, the ultimate consciousness; with the oneness. Such a beautiful feeling, hard to put into words. Powerful, joyful, peaceful. It felt I could conquer the world!

Poke, provoke, confront, elevate
One of the tools to raise our consciousness is to experience silence. In the beginning when we “enter” into silence, it often become more “noisy”. The moment you pause, thoughts often start to jump around, asking for your attention. The more we practice not to immediately respond to these thoughts, the more we are able to listen what is behind all these “voices”.

Silence can be confronting. In silence you can face thoughts, emotions, desires, habits that you might not want to see. It can be poking and provoking to dive into the silence. However, in the end, if you can tune in to your true self, the silence can elevate you. There is no right or wrong anymore, no doubts. There is just the calling from your soul. The ultimate truth: your personal mission.

Don’t search, investigate
And the good news is, you don’t have to travel far away to find silence. The beauty of silence is that you can find it everywhere. The pure silence in the desert helped to remind me that I can always go to the silence within. Even if we are surrounded by people, work, and all other distractions, there is this inner silence. I don’t say it is always easy, but it is worth to experiment with silence and see what it can bring you. Allow yourself to pause. If you run and seek, your mind is occupied. Instead of searching, try to investigate: be curious, open to all what might be revealed in the silence. Sometimes it will be a tear, sometimes a smile, sometimes a spontaneous dance.

“Be still and everything comes to you.” -Yogi Bhajan-

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