Doing new things: Time flies when you’re having fun….

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Two months ago, I felt the calling to do a Triathlon. Since that day I received solely positive signs to go for this adventure. Many things happened since then. The three main things: I started to take swimming lessons, finished my Teacher Training Kundalini Yoga and I got a personal coach. 

The swimming lessons might be the biggest change as I was not able to do a proper

borst crawl a few weeks ago. After 5 lessons and some training in between I feel more and more comfortable in the water. Most important, I enjoy it a lot. I realise again how much energy it gives to learn something new! It is easy to continue doing the things you’re used to, especially when time is limited. Nevertheless, this experience confirms again for me how important it is to continue to develop yourself, either physically or mentally. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sign up for a triathlon to experience this. It can be with something very small, such as using colors and start drawing instead of always writing / typing notes or starting your day with a cold shower. Just to give some inspiration to step out of your comfort zone once in a while :)  

While expanding my physical training, I also continued and intensified my daily yoga practice. The Teacher Training increased my knowledge on breathing and mindset, which helps me a lot during my training. I mentally chant mantra’s while running, cycling and swimming. It increases my focus and brings a big smile on my face! More about that later…. 

And last but not least: I did not have to search for a personal coach… without asking, Bart is supporting me for the full 100%, both mentally as physically. He is reading the Triathlon Bible, providing training schemes, collecting all the materials I need (I even got a real triathlon bike!) and his enthusiasm is super inspiring!

In sum, the energy is flowing in the right direction. My first triathlon is scheduled for June 2, starting slowly with an 1/8 distance. Looking forward to it!

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