First triathlon: Fun, Focus and Freedom


First triathlon: Fun, Focus and Freedom

Yessss: first triathlon done! And definitely not the last.
Super happy after this first “experiment”. I can confirm: I like it!

What can I say... laying on the sofa back home and feeling full of energy! There might still be some adrenaline in my body ;)

The swimming was more challenging than I expected. I had difficulties finding my rhythm and swimming in a group is something to get used to I guess. The transitions went smooth and the cycling and running were great: connected to my breath, a focussed mind and I felt totally free. Felt a bit like flying!

And I have to admit... it does give a great boost to end on stage: 3th woman on the 1/8! Something with dopamine?!

The atmosphere was also really good: supportive people along the trails, friendly volunteers, happy athletes and my personal support team: thanks for being there for me!

Can’t wait for the next triathlon in two weeks time!