Technique, power, endurance


Technique, power, endurance

Just subscribed for the “Brabant” Triathlon!

After a beautiful sunny training day with swimming, cycling and a little run, I decided to subscribe for my next 1/4 triathlon on 29 September: the Brabant triathlon in Helmond, keeping it local ;)

When I started this journey about six months ago I had no idea, no plan, just a dream: to complete a full triathlon.

By now, I’m even more committed to this dream and based on a few months of playing around and training the “schedule” becomes more clear.

Year 1, which is 2019: get used to transitions and swimming and do another 1/4 triathlon (so far I did a 1/8 and a 1/4).

2020: 1/2 triathlon.

2021: a “real” iron man.

Today I realized for all three sports there is a different focus. At this stage, most important for swimming is to improve my technique, for cycling to build up more power and for (barefoot) running to expand the distance. A common focus remains: mindset & breathing, which clearly is essential in all parts of the triathlon, including the transitions!

Looking forward to 29/9/2019…. Helmond here I come!

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